The Original and Strictly Unofficial Tauren Chef

Click Image To Visit SiteNow You Can Bring That Delicious World of Warcraft® Cooking From the Virtual World to the Real World of Your Own Dinner Table!

You’ve fought like a Tauren and died like a Tauren (and probably taken more than a few with you,) so why not eat like a Tauren? In real life. Why should you only be able to eat Poached Sunsdcale Salmon in-game? You’ve seen Delicious Cave Mold dropping here and there, but what’s it really like?

There’s now a cookbook that takes the exotic, interesting, and sometimes weird (that stew uses what?!?) recipes found in your favorite MMOs (such as World of Warcraft®, Ultima Online®, Star Wars Galaxies®, etc.) and brings them into the real world.

Take that stack of spider legs you’ve been collecting, grab a copy of The Original and Stricly Unoffical Tauren Chef Cookbook, and make real food to feed to your real world gamer clan!

Now you and your gang of raiders/pirates (say, "Arrr!",) your guild, or your favorite Elite Chef can dine IRL (In Real Life) on all your favorite MMO foods like Beer Basted Boar Ribs and Spellpower Cookies.

Just picture it- your brave crew of weary warriors, casters, and cannon fodder gathers around the campfire after slaying that boss and his horde (again,) and what do all of you want? Some limp wimpy green salad? NO! You want comfort food! Hot and tasty DragonBreath Chili, Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, or Roast Raptor are just the stuff these crusaders need to banish the fatigue and get back to slaying!

So how to get this delicious food for yourself and your crew? Maybe you could consult your quest log for these recipes, or hope something edible drops from that wild bird thing over there, or you could do a quest that has… Read more…

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