Jamaica Recipes Cookbook Vol-1

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A book which provides 100% reliable information on all aspects of Jamaica Dishes, “Jamaica Cooking” book, is just a click away.

Whether you make Jamaican Food for pleasure, for your job, or just the occasional one-off for Christmas Day, The “Jamaica Cooking” book can help you with Jamaican Food ideas, recipes, suppliers, news, and more.

The author of “Jamaica Cooking”, Ramas N Rankin hardly needs any introduction. His culinary expertise is renowned internationally.

Some specialists even go to the extent of calling him The Walking Encyclopedia on Jamaican Cooking.

He has devoted a great deal of his life to study and research of associated issues and also has a vast practical experience. Cooking was his passion and he started cooking at a very young age of nine, learning under the aegis of his mother, sister and close friends. He also associated, learned and researched in company of Mr. Kerry Wisdom, a team member at ‘Jamaicacooking.com’ and an expert on Jamaican cooking.

On incessant persistence of friends, family and above all fans, he agreed to let whoever-desired share his expertise on Jamaican cooking through a website – <www.Jamaicacooking.com>, which is grand success now.

The author’s intention is to bring to you as much information as possible on all aspects of Jamaica Cooking.

Through Jamaica Cooking, the author supplies you with a variety of recipes which will prove to you why the Jamaican food is capable to satisfy appetites all over the globe.

The author has spared no effort to ensure that the book encompasses all relevant information and presents the same to you in easy-to-grasp language.

We will come to the book in a minute; first let… Read more…

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